You can help me honor the memory of my father, Arley Duff Blankenship, while you support the study and care of Lake Erie, water quality, fish, fowl, and air.

To do this, send a generous check today for:

The Arley Duff Blankenship Memorial Fund at Stone Lab

(OSU FoundationĀ Fund #480456)

One way that I honor my father's memory is by creating a permanent endowment fund for a program that I believe he would have loved as much as I do. The Stone Laboratory is the oldest freshwater biological fieldstation in the nation, located on a unique island in Lake Erie that was given to The Ohio State University with the stipulation that it would forever be used for teaching, research and outreach programs surrounding the health of Lake Erie and all that is in it.

The income produced annually by this endowed fund will be used to fund scholarships for students attending classes taught at the Stone Lab, with secondary consideration given to purchasing research equipment and educational materials.

Please help with this effort today. You can do so by writing a generous check payable to "The Ohio State University Foundation" referencing "Blankenship Fund #480456" in the memo field, and mail to:

Attn: Blankenship Memorial Fund
F. T. Stone Laboratory
1314 Kinnear Road
Columbus, OH 43212-1156

or link to: Blankenship Memorial FundĀ to make a donation by credit card or debit card.

All gifts to The Ohio State University Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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Please support the Arley Duff Blankenship Memorial Fund #480456 at The Ohio State University's Stone Laboratory