Sustainability is deeply important to me. You don't need to invest lots of money buying books or special equipment to "green" your life a little. The amount of information available on the Internet is staggering, and here are a few of the resources I recommend.

I will begin with the topic of solar ovens.

Solar Oven Society

Solar Cookers International

Solar Cooking and Food Preparation

o http://www.knowledgehound.com/topics/solarcoo.htm

o http://www.solarcookery.com

• Advanced Design for Building a Solar Oven:

o http://www.re-energy.ca/t-i_solarheatbuild-1.shtml

o http://www.solarcooking.org/plans/

o http://www.pathtofreedom.com/pathproject/offthegrid/solaroven.shtml

o http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Cooking/cooking.htm

o http://solarcooking.org/plans/windshield-cooker.htm

• Solar Cooking Recipes:

o http://www.sungravity.com/cookbook.html

o http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/net02833/sbrecipes.htm

o http://www.cookwiththesun.com/recipes.htm

o http://www.reachoutmichigan.org/funexperiments/agesubject/lessons/smores.html

• Solar Ovens Videos:

o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlVogHe5qlI

• Frequently Asked Questions:

o http://solarcooking.wikia.com/wiki/Frequently-asked_questions

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